How drugs are ruining the youth?

Have you ever considered why our children and today’s young are addicted to drugs? What impact does it have on their job and personal life? We mistakenly believe that just the individual who consumes the medications is affected, but this is not the case. It has an impact on the entire family, neighborhood, and social life. It’s a harmful problem, or a chronic ailment, that only ends when the person passes away. Our children are being addicted to narcotics at a young age, and their lives are being destroyed. Peer pressure, absenteeism, child neglect, and abuse, and emotional stress are all variables that influence drug usage.

Drug use leads to addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic condition defined by compulsive or difficult-to-control drug seeking and use, despite adverse effects. The brain changes that occur over time as a result of drug usage test an addict’s self-control and make it difficult for them to resist strong drug cravings. Addiction is a relapsing disease because of this. Proper drug information is required to combat this health issue. 

Lack of support 

The current generation of youth is being ruined by drug misuse and alcohol consumption. Even while efforts are being made to wean youth away from the twin evils, addicts’ lack of willpower and poor family support are impeding their proper rehabilitation. Because of a lack of family support and patients’ strong resolve to fight the need to use drugs or alcohol, the majority of cases relapse after leaving rehabilitation centers. 

Peer pressure

Today’s social life is dominated by drink, clothes, money, and bravado. Young people believe that drinking alcohol with friends, taking drugs, and having sex is a way of life. If they don’t dress nicely, they feel embarrassed; if they select a cold drink over booze, they are mocked. Relationships, families, and individuals are all destroyed by drug usage. The user becomes a burden to society, demanding money, committing criminal activities, and being at risk of developing HIV/AIDS.

Criminal tendencies 

When you become addicted to drugs, you can do anything you want, including stealing money from your own home, killing someone who refuses to give you drugs, and even raping someone while inebriated. That is not the case; your financial condition at home will deteriorate as you will require medications daily. You will be unconcerned about your family, profession, or future. The only thing in your mind will be “drugs” 

What are the possible solutions to this public health issue? 


Adults must properly explain what drugs are, how they work, and which drugs are hazardous or prohibited to youngsters.

Parents should talk to their children about drugs while they are in elementary school.  When children are first exposed to alcohol and drug usage, talking to them about drugs can assist to equip them with the knowledge and abilities to think critically.

The main advantage of initiating the conversation early is that you create an environment in which your children feel free to talk.

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